ICT System Integration New Alamein Towers

Hassan Allam Technologies is in a joint venture with Advanced Computer Technology (ACT).


Hassan Allam Holding is proud to announce that its subsidiary, Hassan Allam Technologies, in a joint venture with Advanced Computer Technology (ACT), has been awarded a project for ICT System Integration for the New Alamein Towers in New Alamein City’s residential, administrative and commercial towers.

The project will see complete end-to-end system integration comprising more than 15 different systems. The scope of work will include engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and handing over of light current and electronic security systems. The technology package will serve the four high rise towers, spanning a total built-up area of 342,000 m2.

The project is in line with Egypt’s sustainable development strategy Vision 2030 to develop smart cities and adopt the most advanced technologies at a national level, as well as improve the livelihoods of Egyptians.