2020 - 2022

Civil Works of Modernization of Signaling System Beni Suef – Asyut (9 sectors)

Location9 Sectors ( Deirut - Samalut - El QIusai - Minia - Manafalut - El Fashn - Manqanad - Beba - Assiut) and Cairo Beni Suef (CBS), Egypt.
EngineerBCE Consultant
ClientEgyptian National Railway (ENR)

Project facts


Project is a corner stone for Egypt's Ministry of Transport initiative to modernise signalling systems all over the ENR network, enhance operation and increase the level of safety to match international standards specially in Upper Egypt.


Project purpose is to provide Smartlock solution -its new Electronic Interlocking System (EIS)- to replace the existing electromechanical one.


Upon Completion, Egyptian National Railway will ensure safety for passengers while increasing the number of trains in circulation on the network by more than 80%

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